What is API Management?

Organisations who publish APIs externally to partners and with internal developers often pursue API management to unlock and connect up platforms, data, products and services. It can help extend digital operations, create new channels, create insight about customers while driving acquisition and retention.

Full API management involves developer engagement, business insights, analytics, security and ongoing protection across implemented solutions.

How we can help

Do you need support with API strategy and management? We work with clients to expose APIs securely and quickly, avoiding high R&D costs and stalled development. Our approach optimises API management, migrating legacy systems and outdated protocols to be industry-standard, modern and user-friendly.

The Smarts team will look at your business needs and develop an architectural style which is optimal for the processes required, with clear integration points within a flexible and adaptable digital ecosystem. That means our API solutions will be able to scale and grow as you do, acting as the critical link between your tools and processes - while giving your organisation agility and accessibility.

Our API management solutions can also give you full control of the API lifecycle, allowing you to design and publish in an iterative manner - while reducing time spent on creation and delivery. Your business can be protected from digital threats through access levels and user authentication, along with detecting any anomalies in real-time.