What is Dev Ops?

Combining 'development' and 'operations' the role of DevOps is to ensure efficient, effective and continuous delivery across people, processes and products. Many organisations consider DevOps to be essential to agile planning, continuous integrations, effective sprint planning, and monitoring of applications.

How we can help

Would you like your Dev team to work more efficiently and be able to deliver on planned work yet have the agility to take on ad hoc and unplanned priorities? DevOps is a change in approach and mindset which looks at existing processes and culture within the working environment between Dev and Operations, in order to deliver technical work to a high standard as a happy and high performing team.

Businesses that prioritise DevOps, tend to release more frequently, with higher quality and better stability. Downtime is minimised, and issues are resolved faster than ever before.

Unplanned work is one of the most commonly faced issues when it comes to team productivity. We promote a culture of shared responsibility in our DevOps projects, along with shared responsibility, seamless communication, feedback and transparency which lays the groundwork for a truly effective team.

We help our clients prepare their operations and Dev processes to better anticipate and plan resources. The established processes and clear ways of working that we implement help to better manage the capacity and capability of your team, while improving culture and workplace wellbeing.