What is Integrations & Automations?

Organisations often invest in system integrations in order to bring component applications together into one system. This ensures that all components function together as one workflow, in a secure and efficient way - essentially functioning as one overarching system. Layering automations into this approach means that the behaviour of the integrated components work automatically, reducing the weight that is often on staff members to conduct the same workflow manually.

The role of system integration engineers is an important one as more and more systems are designed to work automatically with each other, both within the system that is being developed and to systems that are already deployed.

How we can help

Do you want to create the ideal automated ecosystem between your applications? Harness the true potential of your systems with the best integration solutions to connect up your tools and process in a way that feels straightforward, achievable and effective. We design, build and implement bespoke integration and automation solutions which stand the test of time, scaling with your business and helping to make your team and tools more efficient than ever.

Our solutions integrate with providers such as Dynamics 365, which can easily fit into your everyday processes. From sales, customer service and finance to marketing and customer insights, we can configure tools, apps and software to match and complement your business requirements.

Our projects help to prepare organisations for agility, connectivity and growth in a way that feels manageable and cost-effective.