What is Test Automation?

Testing frameworks are an essential part of any successful automated testing process. They can reduce maintenance costs and testing efforts and will provide a higher return on investment (ROI) for QA teams looking to optimize their agile processes.

The goal of this article is to walk through the most common types of frameworks used today and the benefits and disadvantages of each. For QA professionals new to automated testing, or those who need a quick refresher, this article will provide a high-level overview of each type of framework and how they can contribute to the success of any automated testing process.

Test Modelling is the process of creating business processes (models) against a component of a system and generating tests to be automated.

How we can help

To really demonstrate the power of test automation we have partnered with Curiosity Software to bring our clients the latest in testing software.

We utilise the power of VIP Test Modeller to automate any business process without the traditional pain points associated with test automation.

VIP Test Modeller is a software solution for managing a system under test, it offers:
*Test Data Management
*Codeless Automation
*Integrates with multiple frameworks (i.e. Selenium, Appium etc)
*Integration with existing DevOps
*Much more..

With test modeller we have been able to work with customers to overcome some major pain points: